Radiobox is a consumer experience design agency.
We design touchpoints between your brand and consumers.


We create a surprise that a consumer has never experienced before.

Things you see, you hear and you feel. We believe that things will drive consumers when they are presented in an innovative & surprising manner.

We start a project by eliminating “normals” and “conventionals” and tackle it with a new team tailored for each task. We design consumer experience on a blank canvas.


We focus on your goal, via various different ways to reach there.

We are a small boutique agency yet our specialty is not limited to a certain channel such as movie production, event or social media. We have expertise to design various touchpoints with consumers and we do it by integrating multiple touchpoint designs, in an attempt to make the consumer experience more dramatic. This is the way we believe the best to achieve your goal with the most possible impact.


From strategic planning to creative works, Radiobox act as a part of your team when it comes to consumer communication.


Unfortunately there are not many agencies who share vision with their clients. 

Fortunately we are one of very few, with prolific background on client side. Our aim is your goal. We are determined to help you select right channels and right messages to make impact among consumers.


Yes, an innovative and surprising idea. No, the same old cliché. 

We formulate a new creative team for every new project. This is the secret to keep raising our creative work to a new level. But remember, we are not a group of artists. We direct creative for consumers, not for creators.


Our production management means something far beyond managing budget and schedule.

We check at every single step of production that everything is heading toward our client’s goal. We are the project guardian at the same time inspiration for creative.


Radiobox have been performing at our best for global brands expanding their fans in Japan and for Japanese brands expanding their fans abroad.
Here are only few of the projects we have dedicated our hearts to.



Radiobox was founded to be the ideal agency.

Radiobox was founded to be the ideal agency.

The birth of Radiobox was realization of an ideal agency. Founder of Radiobox has been engaged in brand marketing at client side for many years. As a client, he worked with hundreds of advertising people from dozens of agencies. Many of them are very intelligent and motivated, though the fact that they are excellent as agency staff is not necessarily compatible with being exactly what a client wants.


He has always wondered, as many clients do, if there is anyone with a better balance – anyone who is willing to tackle together a client’s issues & goals. At the end of the day he found it was quicker to create his own if there is no one out there.
This was how Radiobox was born.

Radiobox is not a group of creators or artists. Neither a group of sales persons. We are a group of producers who always aims at supporting client businesses via consumer communication components. We were born to be the ideal agency – ideal for clients, not for the agency itself.

If you are trying to get more fans in Japan, planning to launch a new service in Japan or simply looking for someone who can bring expertise of consumer communications into international markets, please let us know to see if we can be of your support.

Radiobox, always trying our best to be recognized as the ideal agency for our clients.

About Us

Radiobox Inc
4F Bright Building
7-17-9 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo 141-0031
Tel. +81 3 6420 0135


Radiobox always welcome talents from all over the world to take part in “the ideal agency” project.

An event that astonishes hundreds of audience.

A movie that touches thousands of hearts.

A social movement that run across millions of people.

Those who seek business partnership with Radiobox, please send us a message from [CONTACT] page.

Those with inspiration and motivation to work in Radiobox, please refer to the detail on [CAREER] page.


We are looking for talents who are

  • passionate
  • flexible
  • open-minded
  • adventurous
  • logical
  • multi-task taking
  • with excellent communication skill
  • with excellent presentation skill

In turn we offer

  • great opportunities to learn about top brand marketing
  • inspirational network within the industry
  • a competitive salary
  • sheer satisfaction when a project is complete

If you think you are ready to join us, please let us know about you using the [FORM] below.